Front Office Manager Sarah G. is outstanding and help me scheduled a fast and last minute hearing appointment within 72 hours. Doctor Samantha Davis and Mr. Howard Stroud was so nice and helpful. Thank you from SSG Alberti US Army Recruiter.
Jonathan Alberti, on Google
I have worn hearing aids for 15 years and worked with 4 different doctors through those years. I recently moved to Hammond LA. I needed to replace my older hearing aids and decided to try Audibel in Hammond for a change. Dr. Samantha Davis far exceeded my expectations and cared for me well beyond any previous hearing doctors have. Her level of concern and expertise is fantastic. Dr. Davis really cares! The protocol she applied to assure, when done, that I would be able to hear better than I have in years was comprehensive and complete. I now hear better than I can remember hearing in many years. I hear sounds that I haven't heard and some sounds I barley heard now are so clear and crisp. Dr. Davis has a well and highly equipped office with modern technology. And she knows how to use it. I had an issue with the Blue Tooth feature on my new hearing aids. They worked fine especially for phone calls!! The issue was when I play my electric guitar, the Blue Tooth speaker I use would cause the hearing aids to change volume. She showed my how to stop that with 1 swipe of my phone. Life is marvelous! Thanks Dr. Davis!
Don Llewellyn, on Google
After experiencing a competitor’s service I was very comfortable making a choice here. The price I paid was 40% less, the quality was comparable to the product from the “name brand” place, but what really made the sale for me was the sales associate Howard. A former “techie” His insights gave me confidence in trusting all he brought out in his presentation. Highly recommend this location.
Hal Wright, on Google
We are very lucky to have this business in our community ! For anyone who has ever needed hearing aids ,but found that their cost was prohibitive, please try these folks. They were able to give my mom the miracle of hearing for the first time in many years. Before going to Audibel, the cost was just too great. They made it possible when no one else could or would. I can't say enough about Dr Davis and Mr. Howard, as well as their receptionist. They were all just so very nice and accommodating. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could !
Brad Sibley, on Google
Never cared to wear hearing aids until I met Ms Samantha! She has helped me thru many obstacles of getting my hearing back to somewhat normal after being and going deaf! Love these ladies at Audibel! Many thanks!!!
Colleen McCarrol, on Google

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